Estimated Standings by Breed - Norwegian Forest Cat

Kittens (9)
Rank Name Region Score
1Catamea Strawberry Moonlight MA4760
2Lostwoods Rhiannon NW1449
3Bluedryad Beojji AE710
4Bluedryad Eunoia AE653
5Bluedryad Embla AE576
6Bluedryad Nymeria AE552
7Bluedryad Modi AE505
8Endelosglede Hot And Saucy NW364
9Bluedryad Cowboy Spike AE291
Championship Cats (7)
Rank Name Region Score
1Catamea My Summer Project MA7717
2Bluedryad Cognoscente AE3705
3Bluedryad Jackpot of Endelosglede NW2826
4Lets Go Crazy EW1400
5Endelosglede Bjorn NW1355
6Lostwoods Katy NW259
7Dorothea From Lukoshkino EN136
Alters (16)
Rank Name Region Score
1Featherland Martin of Andredie SE10391
2Catamea Summer Painted Lady MA9360
3Diamond Dust's Amateras/CF AE4290
4Endelosglede Thor NW1939
5Fantarja Ondine of Forestkatz SC1883
6Bluedryad Cracker Jack AE1507
7Bluedryad Embla AE1443
8Kattjewels Espeon EW1299
9Lostwoods Houston NW1199
10Bluedryad Margo AE1098
11Bluedryad Unspoilt AE601
12Bluedryad Beojji AE589
13Bluedryad Simba AE587
14Lostwoods Meford NW307
15Endelosglede True Love of Bluedryad NW276
16Diamond Dust's Rion/ID AE158